Seminar on Migration and Health
Guatemala City, Guatemala
October 2004

Presentations :

    1. Bio -Brian Gushulak, M.D. Citizenship and ImmigrationCanada - CIC, Canada
    2. Bio -Dr. Carlos Esponda, General Director, National Center for Childhood and Adolescence Health, Health Secretariat of Mexico
    3. Bio -Dr. Diana Schneider, Public Health Service, U.S.A.
    4. Bio -Dr. Ernesto Ramírez, Health Coordinator of the Tijuana Regional Office of the Mexico-United States Border Health Commission
    5. Bio -Dr. Jorge Daniel Lorenzana, Director of the National Migrant Population of the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance, Guatemala
    6. Bio -Mrs. Irene Palma, FLACSO, Guatemala
    7. Bio - Dr. Jaime Mier y Terán, Health Secretary of the state of Tabasco, México
    8. Bio -Dr. Carlos Zolla, Advisor, National Commission of Indigenous Peoples
    9. Bio -Dr. Rene Leyva, Principal Researcher, National Institute of Public Health in Mexico
    10. Bio -Dr. Gregorio Gómez Gómez, General Coordinator of the Middle America Initiative, Chiapas, Mexico
    11. Bio -Ana Leonor Ramirez, IOM - Costa Rica
    12. Bio -Dr. Danielle Grondin, IOM – Geneva
    13. Bio -Dr. Howard Njoo, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Public Health Canadian Agency
    14. Bio -Linda Williams, Medical Services Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    15. Bio -Dr. Hilda Leal de Molina, Consultant of the Country Support Unit (CSU), Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO)
    16. Bio -Dr. Teresa Rosales, Mobile Populations Program for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, El Salvador