Documents produced within the RCM according to the main topics of the Plan of Action (*)

The Regional Conference on Migration: 15 Years (PDF)

Migration Management and Policies

Trafficking of Persons and Migrant Smuggling

Regional Guidelines for Special Protection in Cases of Repatriation of Child Victims of Trafficking (2007)

Migration Legislation

Compilación de Trabajos del Seminario sobre Legislación Migratoria (2007) (Spanish only)

Comparative Matrix of Legislation on Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling in RCM Member States

Return of Migrants

Regional guidelines for the assistance to unaccompanied children in cases of repatriation (2009)

Proceedings of the Regional Seminar on Integration Policies for Immigrants, Refugees and Returned Migrants (2012)

Guidelines for the Signing Of Multi and/or Bilateral Agreements Between Member Countries of the Regional Conference on Migration (RCM) Regarding the Repatriation of Regional Migrants by Land (2004)

General Framework for the Execution of the Multilateral Cooperation Program for the Assisted Return of Extra-Regional Migrants Stranded Within Member Countries of the Regional Conference on Migration (RCM), or Puebla Process (2004)

Human Rights

Compilación de Trabajos del Seminario sobre Mujer y Migración (2007) (Spanish only)

Publication of the presentations from the Seminar on Migrant Women and Migrant Children (2000)

Link between Migration and Development

Seminar-Workshop: Capacity Building for Consular Officials on the Protection of the Labour Rights of Migrant Workers

Proceedings of the Workshop on Temporary Migrant Workers Programs (2009) (Bilingual)

Compilación de Trabajos del Foro-Taller sobre Sector Privado y Migración (2006) (Spanish only)

Proceedings of the Seminar on Migrant Integration and in Receiving Countries (2005)


Additionally, and in coordination with the IOM, the Manual "Essentials of Migration Management" has been published.


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Regional Conference on Migration