Reference Documents

Documents presented during the meetings of the RCM and other interesting documents*

* Most of these documents are available in PowerPoint, Word or PDF format

XIX RCM, held in Managua, Nicaragua, 24-27 June, 2014

XVIII RCM, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, 25-28 June, 2013

XVII RCM, held in Panama City, Panama, 19-22 June, 2012

XVI RCM, held in La Romana, Dominican Republic, 7-10 June, 2011

XV RCM, held in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, 18-21 May, 2010

XIV RCM, held in Guatemala City, Guatemala, 6-10 July, 2009

XIII RCM, held in Tela, Honduras, 6-9 May, 2008

XII RCM, held in New Orleans, United States, 24-27 April, 2007

XI RCM, held in San Salvador, El Salvador, 2-5 May, 2006

X RCM, held in Vancouver, Canada, 10-11 March, 2005

IX RCM, held in Panama City, Panama, 20-21 May, 2004

VIII RCM, held in Cancun, Mexico, 29-30 May, 2003

Documents of the International Labour Office (ILO):  (2003)

The Migration Policy Group (MPG):


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