Civil Society

The Regional Network for Civil Organizations on Migration (RNCOM), composed of various NGOs, participates actively in RCM since 1998 (, with the purpose of strengthening the dialogue with civil society on topics relating to migration. RNCOM participates in the RCM seminars and workshops, with spaces for participation in groups such as the Regional Consultation Group on Migration (RCGM) and the Vice-Ministerial Meeting.


In 2013 it was created the Ad Hoc Group between RCM and RNCOM, with the objective of establishing a common agenda and a coordination mechanisms between the two actors, During its meetings, the Ad Hoc Group discussed fundamental topics such as human trafficking, integration and reintegration of migrant and attention to vulnerable groups of migrants, identifying the challenges in the facing of these topics and the mechanisms of cooperation between civil society and governments that need to be strengthened.